When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Commercial HVAC System?

March 1, 2022by WDAdmin
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When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Commercial HVAC DC System

There are so many things business owners and facility managers have to consider. Business owners have payroll, taxes, recruiting, hiring, and more.

Facility managers have every single aspect of the building to consider, from cleaning services to testing and inspections, and yes, the HVAC system.

So, when is it time to upgrade your commercial HVAC unit? Here are a few things to consider.

The HVAC System Isn’t Working

When your commercial HVAC DC system isn’t working, it can be miserable for your staff. It may be as easy as a simple fix, but if you have consistent problems, it could be time for an upgrade.

HVAC systems that create inconsistent indoor temperatures – hot spots or cold spots – are a sign of an aging system. This brings us to our next point.

The HVAC System is OLD

Commercial HVAC units, sadly, don’t last forever. A unit that is more than ten years old likely can’t achieve the efficiency modern units can. Units older than ten years can have rust and other problems that spell upgrade.

Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began a phasedown several years ago of a refrigerant called R-22. R-22 is bad for the environment, so if your HVAC system was installed prior to 2010 or 2011, it’s possible it uses R-22.

You may want to think about a newer, more environmentally aware option.

The Commercial HVAC System Has Visible Wear and Tear

Back to that earlier point about rust. If you’ve inherited a commercial HVAC unit that has signs of wear and tear, it is probably time for an upgrade. Signs include…

  • Rust
  • Physical damage to the unit
  • Misplacement of the unit

These, and more, are indicators that it’s time to upgrade. Additionally, if your beat-up commercial HVAC is increasing your energy bills or causing inefficiencies, it’s upgrade time.

Your Commercial Building Has Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality in a building is detrimental to everybody who works in, or visits, that building. The EPA says that indoor spaces can have levels of pollutants that can exceed the levels outside.

Better indoor air quality can increase productivity (see the next point) and result in fewer sick days for employees. If your commercial HVAC unit is the culprit behind a reduction in air quality, you may want to think about an upgrade.

Employee Productivity Is Suffering

As stated in the point above, poor air quality brought on by an old or inefficient commercial HVAC unit can result in more sick days and diminished productivity.

Additionally, hot spots or cold spots, inconsistent heating and air, and other problems caused by an old HVAC unit can be detrimental to your staff. If your staff complains that it’s too hot or too cold and changing the thermostat doesn’t help, it’s likely time to upgrade your unit.

There can be other factors that spell U-P-G-R-A-D-E for your commercial HVAC unit. While proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your unit, it won’t last forever.

If your workplace is plagued by any of the above issues, we recommend you contact us to discuss an upgrade.

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