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Do you heat a commercial property with a boiler system? Diversified HVAC Services brings over thirty years of commercial heating and air services to the DMV region, from retail centers to warehouses and residential complexes.

We know that not every boiler system fits your needs. And we understand the importance of providing a comfortable commercial environment for your residents, customers, and property management clients.

That is why our team of trained professionals are on standby to respond to your needs 24X7.

Diversified boiler services include:

  1. Custom designed installations including natural gas, propane, and electric boiler room solutions
  2. Emergency Repairs, 24X7
  3. Routine Maintenance, including monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual inspection agreements
  4. Retrofitting existing systems to provide cost-saving packages

Whether your system is a pressure water boiler, a high/low water temperature boiler, electric, or a heat recovery system, our team provides installation services, emergency repair, and maintenance.

If you are designing a new commercial property or managing the renovation of an existing structure, make sure that Diversified is part of your team. We can help you specify the boiler room system that both fits the property and your business.

Contact us today to discuss your boiler system needs.
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