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Chillers & Cooling Towers

We Install & Service for Two Commercial Needs—Manufacturing Cooling & Large Space Comfort

Industry-Standard Manufacturing Cooling

The commercial manufacturing segment needs custom cooling and refrigeration solutions. If you are a property manager in this market, you know that robust cooling is integral.

A commercial system that includes a chiller and cooling tower may be the solution that best fits your large manufacturing space. It is an energy-efficient combination that provides industry-qualified results.

Industries that require process cooling are cornerstones in the mid-Atlantic region. From food processing, large scale server rooms to biotech and manufacturing, chillers and cooling towers provide the necessary refrigeration and cooling to keep the manufacturing line on pace.

Our trained Diversified team can install and maintain your industry-standard chiller and cooling tower in any manufacturing environment.

Large Space Comfort

Do you have a large space to cool and provide comfort? A cooling tower is part of the Diversified HVAC solution for the following large areas:

  • Schools
  • Retirement and Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Pumps
  • Convention Centers
  • Large Commercial Spaces

How do cooling towers work as part of a commercial HVAC system? They add the element of cold water to the system. Cooling a large area creates heat, and the tower’s job is to capture that heat and eliminate it.

Cooling towers are designed based on the overall size of the space to be cooled and the humidity level. They can handle the heat and humidity of Maryland and Virginia, and the towers can be scaled to size.

If you need to cool a large commercial space, our team of experts can specify your needs, install the components, and provide timely service.
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