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Commercial Ductless Splits

With the increased popularity of mini splits in the residential market, you may wonder about this HVAC solution’s commercial applications. The commercial ductless split should be on your list of options.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a Commercial Ductless Split solution:

  1. Commercial ductless splits are air conditioners or heat pumps with heating and cooling. They can stand up to both the Mid-Atlantic hot Summers and the cold winters.
  2. Since all commercial splits are ductless, you have better control over your energy costs. Ask our HVAC specialist how a ductless system lowers your overall energy cost.
  3. A ductless system improves indoor air quality.
  4. Tight on indoor retail space? A ductless system is a solution for you. You’ll have greater freedom to create the space you want with a commercial ductless split.
  5. A ductless split is a perfect solution for building remodels and rehabs, especially in older buildings and historic districts where duct installations may not be possible.

Diversified HVAC specialists can help you create the perfect solution to fit your needs. Ask us to explain, in detail, the 5 reasons why you should consider a Commercial Ductless Split.

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