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Water Source Heat Pumps

What are water source heat pumps, and how are they used in a commercial solution?

A water source heat pump replaces the outdoor fan and coil with a water-powered heat exchange. Many consider it the most energy-efficient HVAC solution in the commercial segment.

Water source heat pumps are ideal for large commercial buildings such as office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, and schools. It is a closed-loop system, broken into segments, but also utilizes energy across the entire system.

In hot seasons, heat is removed along the water loop. In the winter, heat is distributed along the closed water loop. This system provides comfort in both the hot summers and cold winters of the Maryland, DC, and Virginia regions.

5 Benefits of a Water Source Heat Pump

If you are considering the installation of a water source heat pump, here are 5 benefits of the system:

  1. Top Performer. Water source heat pumps are known for maximum performance in all weather conditions. If one zone fails, the entire system does not fail. The system provides the reliability needed in a large commercial complex.
  2. Individual Zoning. A top reason that this solution is perfect for a commercial application. This is an ideal solution if you have a commercial space divided into zones, apartments, or rooms.
  3. Ease of Upgrades. It is easy to retrofit an old system to a water source heat pump. Diversified HVAC techs can retrofit your existing system to a new water source heat pump with little impact on your business activities.
  4. Improved Air Quality. Air filtration and fresh air make this system a choice for improved air quality.
  5. Ease of Installation and Maintenance. Less complicated than a fan and coil HVAC system, Diversified technicians can easily maintain your system. Units are located in the ceiling or closet space and have more than 20 years of life expectancy.

If you would like additional information, to install a water source heat pump or your system needs service, Diversified HVAC Services should be your next call. We can explain the benefits of a water source heat pump and how it is a viable commercial solution for your business in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia regions.

Our service technicians are ready to provide service and maintenance for your water source heat pump today.

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