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HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance Agreements

Regular maintenance not only improves performance but also extends the life of your system. The Diversified Maintenance Agreement ensures that your HVAC, air purification, and refrigeration systems stay up to date. It is the agreement that gives you peace of mind.

Are you prepared for the change in seasons? Remember, the mid-Atlantic summers are hot and humid. And do not forget about the freezing winter weather. Don’t be caught off-guard. The comfort of your tenants, customers, and employees is important. Routine maintenance is your insurance.

Who are you going to call in the middle of the night? With a Diversified Maintenance Agreement, you are assured a fast response, 24X7.

The Diversified Team services and maintains all types and brands of commercial HVAC and refrigeration equipment. Here is a sample of what you can expect from your Diversified Maintenance Agreement:

  1. Special spring air conditioning startup and maintenance
  2. Special fall heat startup maintenance inspection
  3. Discounts on additional and emergency service calls

The Diversified Maintenance Agreement includes all required lubricants, air filters, drive belts, and labor to perform as specified. Any additional parts are provided at a 10% discount to maintenance agreement clients.

Contact Diversified HVAC and we will custom-create a maintenance agreement to fit your current needs.




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